The vendor neutral Certified Penetration Testing Consultant course is designed for IT Security Professionals and IT Network Administrators who are interested in conducting Penetration tests against large network infrastructures similar to large corporate networks, Services Providers and Telecommunication Companies. Instead of focusing on operating system level penetration testing, this course covers techniques on how to attack and prevent underlying network infrastructure and protocols. The training starts from basic packet capturing and analyzing by using both commercial and open source tools. From there, the student continues with Layer2 attack vectors, Layer3 based attacks; including both IPv4 and IPv6 stacks, routing protocol attacks (OSPF, BGP, etc) and then hops over to service provider level attacks related with very common used MPLS, how to use relays and pivots, VPN attacks including IPSEC protocol suite, and SSL attacks. Finally, the class will cover NIDS/NIPS evasion and implementation techniques.

This course uses in-depth lab exercises after each module. Students may spend 16 hours+ performing labs that emulate a real world Pen Testing model. Students will make use of scores of traditional and cutting edge Pen Testing tools (GUI and command line, Windows and Linux) as they make their way through mile2’s time-tested methodology.

Key Data

  • Course Title: C)PTC V3
  • Duration: 4 days
  • English: English
  • Class Format Options:Instructor-led,Live Virtual Trainin
  • Prerequisites: C)PTE or equivalent knowledge, A minimum of 24 months experience in Networking Technologies, Sound knowledge of TCP/IP ,Computer hardware knowledge
  • Student Materials: Student Workbook,Student Prep Guide
  • Certification Exams: Mile2 C)PTC


  • Module 1 - CPTC Intro
  • Module 2 - Packet Capturing
  • Module 3 - Layer 2 Attacks
  • Module 4 - Layer 3 Attacks on Cisco Based Infrastructures
  • Module 5 - Pivoting and Relays
  • Module 6 - IPv6 Attacks
  • Module 7 - VPN Attacks
  • Module 8 - Defeating SSL
  • Module 9 - IDS/IPS Evasion


Upon completion, Certified Penetration Testing Consultant students will be able to both establish an industry acceptable pen testing process as well as be prepared to competently take the C)PTC exam.


  • IS Security Officers
  • Cyber Security Managers/Admins
  • Penetration Testers
  • Ethical Hackers
  • Auditors


The Certified Penetration Testing Consultant exam is taken online through Mile2’s Assessment and Certification System (“MACS”), which is accessible on your account. The exam will take 2 hours and consist of 100 multiple choice questions. The cost is $400 USD and must be purchased from

All combos Include

  • Online Video
  • Electronic Book(Workbook/Lab guide*) in technical classes only
  • Exam Prep Questions
  • Exam

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