The Certified Virtual Machine Engineer course is designed for those who need to understand virtualization and the impacts it can have on an organization. This high impact course provides not only the foundational level of knowledge needed for an efficient datacenter. It also provides the most recent in virtualization and cloud technologies which gives the Certified Virtual Machine Engineer the knowledge and skills necessary to design and manage the datacenter effectively. When virtualization is properly utilized in an organization, it allows the organization to focus on their core business instead of being stopped by IT obstacles.

This course covers design, installation, configuration, best practices, performance monitoring, and just about everything else in between for VMware vSphere 6.0!

Key Data

  • Course Title: Virtual Machine Engineer 6.0
  • Duration: 5 days
  • English: English
  • Class Format Options:Instructor-led Classroom, Live Virtual Training
  • Prerequisites:A basic familiarity with servers, networking, and O/S installation and configuration.
  • Student Materials: Student Workbook, Student Lab Guide, Exam prep guide


  • Module 1 - Introductions
  • Module 2 - Virtualization and Cloud Overview
  • Module 3 - Insatalling and managing ESXi
  • Module 4 - Configuring and Managing Network
  • Module 5 - Designing for Security
  • Module 6 - Configutring and Managing Storage
  • Module 7 - Configutring and Managing Virtual Machines
  • Module 8 - vSphare Management
  • Module 9 - Security and Permissions
  • Module 10 - Insatalling and managing vCenter


Students will:
  • Have learned the pros, cons, best practices, and skills of virtualization.
  • Be able to design, secure, deploy, and manage virtual machines.
  • Be ready to sit for the C)VME 6.0 exam.


The C)VME 6.0 was created to train & certify the network engineer on vitualization. The expertise gained in this course will help business simplify their existing IT processes and is taught at an advanced level. We recommend that students have a couple of years of experience with networking technologies, operating system configuration, server configuration, and a strong interest in learning virtualization in vSphere 6.0!


The Certified Virtual Machine Engineer 6.0 exam is taken on-line through Mile2’s Assessment and Certification System Mile2's Assessment and Certification System (MACS), which is accessible on your account. The exam will take 2 hours and consist of 100 multiple choice questions. The cost is $400 USD and must be purchased from the store on

All combos Include

  • Online Video
  • Electronic Book(Workbook/Lab guide*) in technical classes only
  • Exam Prep Questions
  • Exam

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