To enable training and consulting organizations in the Southist Asia to help their clients manage the emerging challenges posed by cyber security related threats, Mile2 has formed a strategic partnership with Infobit Systems for the following countries, India,Srilanka,Bhutan,Nepal,Bangladesh. Through this partnership Infobit Systems provides support for training and certification of the entire Mile2 portfolio and related services to training and consulting organizations in these countries.

Infobit Sysmtes was founded in 2012 and operates exclusively through its network of global partners which are IT training Solution providers. By offering end to end solutions, Infobit Systems adds value to every aspect of its global partners’ business. In addition to access to the Mile2 training content, IT training providers enjoy convenient services from Infobit Systems, including training and delivery support, examination facilitation, and sales and channel enablement. This enables these organizations to focus on their overall goal: meeting the needs of their customers through training delivery.

Dr. Miteshkumar Salariya is an expert specializing in such areas as: Data security, network security, computer security, Ethical hacking and countermeasures, and Smart cards and smart token applications for securing the environment. Business Impact Analysis and Physical Risk Assessment.

Initially the company took priority in information technology, staff training and development to guide the company towards industry, recognized quality assurance standards and qualifications. During this period the company has hired professionals in security strategy and technology to provide qualified human resources and further drive the business forward.

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